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A Healthy and Joyful Life Is Within Reach

Online Health and Wellness Coaching

with Mary Ellen Karst

Meet Mary Ellen

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach


Some of us naturally run toward it, some of us run from it, kicking and screaming.  Many of us bounce around on the very wide continuum that stretches between those opposite inclinations.  Sometimes change is forced on us and we feel powerless.  For most of us, there is something we dream of changing, but we can’t quite get started…or we struggle with continuing change after a well-intentioned start. 

As a functional medicine-certified health coach, it brings me great joy to walk alongside my clients as they identify and achieve their dreams by changing their behaviors.  Functional Medicine investigates the root cause of illness and addresses those causes, rather than providing a cure just for the symptoms.  Functional Medicine-Certified Health Coaches help clients find success meeting their health goals by focusing on lifestyle.  As a coach, I use private one to one virtual sessions with clients to explore their ideals for movement and exercise, nutrition, purpose and connection, stress reduction, sleep and relaxation.  Together we create lasting behavior change to meet my client’s own unique health and life goals by using their personal character strengths. 

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How I Can Help You

Meaning and Connection

Establish Eating Habits



Rest  and Relaxation

"Functional Medicine Health Coaches blend the science-based principles of positive psychology and Functional Medicine with the art of coaching to help people create well-being."


Functional Medicine Coaching, Scheinbaum and Wagner , 2018

“Working with Mary Ellen allowed me to develop attainable goals to increase my mental and physical well-being.  Through provocative questions and deep listening, she helped me to feel comfortable exploring my "why" behind my need to change.  I feel so fortunate to have worked with Mary Ellen, as she has helped me make my goals a reality.”

- Julie R. 

“What a privilege it has been to work with Mary Ellen.  From my first coaching session with her, I knew I could trust her. She helped me understand myself better and helped guide me on making decisions for my health.  Creating a set of goals was challenging for me, but Mary Ellen patiently worked through the process with me. She skillfully helped me better understand my "why" for pursuing health and then worked with me to create the steps needed to achieve my goals. I am so grateful to have been coached by Mary Ellen and she still remains a trusted health coach in my life.”

- Laurie S. 

“Mary Ellen was a great help to me.  I have multiple chronic illnesses and with her help and guidance, we were able to figure out that I have issues with beef and dairy. Since working with her,  I have completely given up beef and dairy and have felt so much better! She is friendly and personable and truly wants to help people reach their ultimate wellness! I would recommend her to anyone looking to become healthier both mentally and physically.”

- Vicky O.

Let's Get Healthy!

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